Probably, you are aware that LinkedIn is a social media platform of choice for working professionals looking for connections – unless, you are unlike digitally-minded people.

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Nowadays, many tech-savvy professionals and perhaps the majority of the business workforce are already on LinkedIn. They have profiles and are connected to the social network a majority of the time through their computers, laptops and mobile phones.

Since there is every indication that more and more business will be moving to social media, taking advantage of the free exposure provided by a network like LinkedIn simply makes sense. LinkedIn has many features that businesses and social media marketers can take advantage of. You can establish your expertise through the LinkedIn content platform, interact with your community via brand pages and groups, and reach out to others via LinkedIn messaging.

Furthermore, LinkedIn offers opportunities to the network every day. You can expand your business connections through LinkedIn far more than by using Facebook or Twitter which are mainly centred on social networking and connections whereas LinkedIn as more focused on professional and corporate connections.

If you are recruiter, you can get many advantages from LinkedIn. You can look at profiles and look for people who have the perfect skill sets for the position you are looking for. Almost every professional nowadays are already on LinkedIn. In fact, if you’re not on LinkedIn, it may lead them to speculate why. For example, are you not Internet savvy? If you’re looking for a job, it’s expected you’ll be on LinkedIn.

Another cool feature of LinkedIn is that it enables your peers to endorse your skills and write up recommendations, and you can do the same for them. People who are searching for networking connections or job candidates will take these recommendations into consideration.

Despite these advantages, you still need to know how to create your LinkedIn profile so that it will be appealing to others. Here are some tips: