Of course, you already know how exercising helps us become better both mentally and physically. It helps prevent fatigue, stress and other diseases when done regularly.

Exercising has numerous positive effects to the body. First, it increases your good cholesterol or HDL and then lowers your blood pressure. Secondly, it helps reduce your weight by burning excess fat from your body. It also increases your stamina as you continue to exercise regularly, and helps prevent diabetes by improving your blood sugar level. For those who are suffering from depression, exercising can improve your mood. Lastly, exercising will help you get sick less by boosting your immune system.

Adding exercise to your life is advantageous. You can try various forms of exercise to find something you like and can keep doing. It can be sports or just walking, it can be aerobic dancing, or bicycling, if you can do it with friends or family it will increase your closeness while improving your health. And improving your health is one of the best reasons for exercise.

Exercising can also increase bone density and prevent osteoporosis or the thinning of the bones and can lead to repeated fractures. This disease doesn’t just happen to little ladies. Once you’ve reach mid 30s, whether you’re male or female, you begin losing bone density. Fortunately exercise will slow, halt and in some cases reverse the process. Being physically active develops stronger muscles which in turn help protect the bones. Stronger bones equal a lesser risk of fractures.

Do you want to have a better body and shape? If you do, there are certain exercises that can help you achieve that. When you exercise regularly you end up with more muscle tissue than the average person. You might find that you will weigh more before you started your exercise programme because muscle tissue weighs more than fat.

Bryan Fletcher, NRL TV star is also a fan of exercising. In this article, Bryan revealed the reasons why he does this everyday. Read more at: https://www.perthnow.com.au/news/nsw/nrl-tv-star-bryan-fletcher-reveals-why-he-exercises-every-day-ng-e93eef9c5c60eadb8de2d12bd3244fc6


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