Building a new home in Perth: When to consider a two-storey home?

Building two storey homes here in Perth is becoming a trend among new homeowners. There are reasons why people opt for building this kind of house. Why? Let’s find out!

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Two-storey home

Do you want to build your own dream home? Perhaps, you believe you’ve already thought of all the things you need. You know exactly what you need and want in your home, but have you thought about what you lack or even what you don’t have? You have given much thought and consideration to what will work for you, but have you taken the time to think about what won’t work?

Having a low budget and poor planning can lead way to wayward disastrous and inconvenient mistakes. When you plan to build a new home, you must think about your requirements and the things that you have from all angles. And that includes looking at the available space you have.

Many homeowners investing in their new home sometimes find it tough to fit all the space and amenities they want on the smaller and oddly shaped lots these days. They don’t want to give up the luxury they desire, but they find out that having a one storey home may mean giving up yard space or a nice view from their new property. The solution to this is building a two-storey home. There are numerous advantages to building up instead of building out that many potential homeowners aren’t aware of.

The most obvious benefit of building a double-storey home is the amount of space available – you can double the amount of living space available despite having a small lot. Another way to look at it is that one two-storey house (depending on the size) can be equivalent to two single-storey houses. By having more living space in your house means that you got more options such as having a bigger floor plan to play in terms of design, having more rooms and more storage space.

Another advantage of having a double-storey home is keeping privacy. Since family areas are separated from the rest of the house, each member can have a haven of privacy that visitors to their home won’t infringe on.

Also, building higher gives the homeowners greater opportunities to maximise any views that their property may have. It can also improve your natural home lighting by rising out the shadows. In order to make the most of the improved light available and the aspect that being higher up provides, homeowners are choosing to have their living areas on the upper storey.

These are the reasons why building a two-storey house is ideal for you. Keep in mind that planning is important so it is important to plan ahead and be prepared to avoid the stress brought by building a new home.

Fun Facts and Tips about Office Cleaning Services in Perth

There is no doubt that office cleaning in Perth is becoming more and more popular among commercial premises particularly in offices. Nowadays, offices need to maintain high levels of cleanliness in their area. They are a place of business so it should be free from clutter and mess. Hence, they look to outsource the services of a good cleaning company.

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Office Cleaning Services

In business, a good image is vital and having a clean office can create a positive impression for your business. It is also important because having an office that is dirty can be hazardous to your health as well as to your employees’. As a business owner, the last thing that you want to hear is your employees being out for work due to diseases resulted from your dirty office.

In order to keep their workplaces clean, many large and small businesses in Perth WA hire professionals for office cleaning. Generally, office cleaning falls under commercial cleaning and you should find a service provider that deals exclusively with commercial cleaning. There are so many companies offering such service, especially here in Australia, so it is important to find out that is affordable.

When finding an office cleaning company, the first thing you should consider is your workplace’s size. If you have a bigger office, the more you’ll have to pay.

Your office should be cleaned regularly to ensure that a high level of cleanliness is maintained at all times. Therefore, you should hire a company that can provide you with these services regularly. Depending on how quickly their office accumulates dirt, most people clean their offices once a week or fortnightly. But if your office accumulates dirt very easily, you’ll need a daily cleaning service.

Security is also an important thing to keep in mind when getting a commercial cleaning service. As much as possible, you should hire only one company that will do the service for you. This is because switching cleaning companies might be bad for the security of your items in the office.

When looking for a commercial cleaning service, check for your candidate’s track records. Online reviews can also be a helpful tool you can use to determine the most reliable and professional company to give the cleaning services your office needs. Otherwise, you can never be having the peace of mind that your sensitive and confidential documents are safely kept when cleaning is being done.

Finally, you also need to think about is the type of service you will need from your cleaner. They offer specialised cleaning services such as carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and industrial cleaning. You need to determine the service you need based on the type of your office or business. It is also important to make note of these things because they determine the cost charged by the company.

The high number of commercial cleaning services available here in Perth can bring challenges for offices to pick the best one to hire. However, keeping these facts and tips in mind can make the task a lot easier and convenient.

How to make your staff feel valued

Your workplace is an interactive environment where you and your employees work together to achieve your organisation’s goals. As an entrepreneur, it is important for you to learn how to make the most out of your workplace.

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Valuing your employees

Your employees are your company’s best assets. These are the individuals who work day and night for your company. If you want to attract and retain the best, provide them with the best and make them feel that they are an integral part of your company’s mission.

Being a good leader means that you know how to take an active and genuine interest in people you manage. In order to achieve this, you can invest in real-time to understand your employees at a fundamental level. Then, you can create an environment for a more productive bunch of employees and of course a greater growth

How can you make your employees feel satisfied, inspired and secured working for your business? This should start by making logical and smart company rules. Do not make unnecessary, stupid rules that some business owners think can increase productivity, but the results are just the opposite. Even a couple of such unnecessary rules can drive people crazy. When good employees feel this as a burden, they look for some other options.

Also, you have to encourage your employees to pursue their passion. Talented people (including employees) are passionate. As their boss, your job is to provide them with opportunities to pursue their passions. This will improve their productivity and job production.

Effective communication is extremely important, especially in business management. It should be at the top of your priorities if you want to keep your employees happy. Communicating to them often will make them realise how important they are for the company.

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How to Build an Authentic Instagram Audience

Instagram has established itself as the world’s most popular platform for sharing photos. Today, it has over 800 million monthly users who are active on the site. According to statistics, more than 60 million photos are posted every day.

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Instagram marketing

Nowadays, more and more businesses (large companies, medium-sized and small business enterprises) are using Instagram to promote their brands and services. There are also a large number of Instagram influencers with a massive amount of followers. So if you want to reap great results from Instagram marketing, you need to come up with a smart plan.

However, the challenge for marketers is to know which kind of posts work best for growing your audience on this platform. Hence, you need to plan on which posts or right kind of content to publish in order for you to stay relevant to your current audience while bringing in new ones.

But first off, you need to make sure to create your business’ Instagram account. Or if you currently have an Instagram account, you can switch your current profile to a business account – this should be the first step to do before starting your marketing plan.

Once you’ve created your business account, the next step is to study the free tools you can use for your Instagram marketing campaigns. Business profiles on Instagram aren’t all that different from Facebook business profiles. Through Insights, you can view statistics like impressions, engagement data, and more.

One Instagram feature that marketers can take a lot of advantage of is Instagram Stories. Instagram stories differ from regular Instagram posts because they come in a “slideshow” format. Also, they are only live for 1 whole day (24 hours), but Stories can be saved to any of your devices and reused at a later point.

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Recruiting and managing staff

Giant companies and popular corporations woo job seekers by offering a bevy of benefits, brand-name recognition and maybe even cool amenities at their workplaces. If you’re a small business, how can you compete for top talents?

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Hiring staff

Small businesses often struggle with getting their message across to the talent they want to attract. It’s important to convey the success of their enterprise and figure out what aspects of their company to emphasise to appeal to candidates. Usually, finding good candidates can be a huge challenge to small business owners. However, it is important that you find a way to persuade a successful individual with a secure job to come work for you.

If you want to compete against top companies when hiring new staff, the first step you should do is to determine your edge against such big businesses. Especially if you’re just starting your small business, you are less bureaucratic and have closer relationships between leadership and employees.

Another advantage your small business has is that your employees are more likely to have more breadth in their jobs than they usually do in big companies, where people tend to specialise more. And since you are small, you can offer more flexibility, more job diversity and the possibility of high growth.

You should make a compelling case for why a talented applicant should work for you. If you’re hiring an executive, he or she is usually going to want equity in exchange for the risk. For a middle manager, you have to convince him that your business has staying power. For entry-level workers, you should show that there are opportunities for growth.

Of course, once you’ve been able to hire the talents you want, the next challenge for you is to keep them satisfied. You need to make sure that their expectations from you will be true.

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How to encourage customer loyalty for startups

Business owners know that offering good products and/or good customer service is important. However, how can customer loyalty actually boost your business?

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Customer loyalty

There are a number of reasons why having loyal customers is important. Looking at a customer’s perspective, you have been loyal to at least one brand in some way. Hence, you keep on buying such a brand because you love it and you feel that your money is worth the quality you get. This is why in a business perspective, earning your customers’ trust is so important.

Perhaps, repeat business is the most obvious advantage of customer loyalty. They are the customers who keep coming back and spending more money on your latest or updated products and services. They keep on coming back because they trust your brand and are confident they are getting quality for their money, rather than gambling on a new brand.

The second most popular benefit of having loyal customers is gaining more referrals. Of course, one of the best forms of advertising has to be the one you don’t pay for and is consistently spreading awareness and endorsements of your brand through word-of-mouth. Not only do loyal customers keep coming back, but they also bring you, new customers. If you earn happy repeating customers, they are more likely to tell their family and friends about your business and essentially do your marketing for you.

Loyal customers are also more willing to spend more money for your product or service. Compared to first time buyers, repeat customers spend more money for about 60%. This figure proves that once a customer has developed trust in your brand and the quality of your product, they are likely to continually return to purchase from you.

However, having loyal customers is a tough challenge especially for start-ups. Do you want to know how to encourage your customers with loyalty? Check this out:

Do your sums: Property investment a big numbers game

There are numerous forms of investments nowadays wherein you can grow your money. One investment option to consider is income property. This can be a great option for a number of benefits.

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Real property investing

Investing in real estate has been present decades ago. It is a type of investment where you buy a property and develop it with the intention to earn income from it. Some call it income property.

Income properties can be residential properties, such as condominiums, apartments, single-family homes or multi-family properties. Some income properties come in the form of commercial properties, such as a strip mall. Money is generally made through holding the property and renting it out or selling the property after the value of the property has appreciated.

One of the reasons why income property is a great investment is because you become your own boss. When you become the owner of the property, you make your own decisions. You choose what property to invest in, what tenant you will rent to, how much you will charge in rent and how you will manage and maintain the property.

Secondly, investing in real property can also give you the benefits of leveraging. For instance, you can buy a property using a small amount of your own money, while borrowing the rest, often four to twenty times more, from a lender. If you purchase a property using significantly more debt than equity, the investment is said to be “highly leveraged.”

If you convert your asset into a rental property, you can also earn a number of advantages. You will be able to receive a rental income. Any money left after paying your expenses will be money in your pocket.

However, despite the many advantages of real estate investing, it is not as smooth as it seems here in Perth. In fact, according to an article from The West, it has become a numbers game.

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Avoid these 6 mistakes if you want to sell your home

Selling a home is not easy and it often requires some work. However, because it will take effort does not mean it needs to be any harder than necessary. All you need is to make smart decisions about how you use your time and energy – this is the most effective way to achieve a smooth way for a sale that satisfies your goals and lets you realise the full potential of your property.

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Selling a home

If you want to sell your home and would like to get a good price out of it, the first thing you need to do is to take care of your landscape. You should know that the landscape is some of the first things buyers are going to notice as they pull up to your house. Meanwhile, you don’t have to be extravagant. You don’t have to add a swimming pool or hire a professional to impress your buyer. You just have to tidy up and make sure things look neat and preferably alive if possible.

To impress your buyer, you need to remove the clutter so that your property will look neat and clean. You can mow the loan and remove the garbage. In real estate sales, first impressions count. This is one of the simple improvements that will increase home value. The more clutter, the more uncomfortable things will feel. Instead, aim to maximise the perceived space in your home.

Is your home dark and has dreary colours? If it does, it can shrink the perception of the space. An old, stained paint makes rooms look decrepit. By painting with contemporary colours and ideally with a little insight from a knowledgeable Real Estate agent or interior designer, you can change the whole feel of your home.

When selling your home, you need to avoid certain home selling mistakes in order to get the price you want. What are these mistakes? Read this article to know the answer:

What your LinkedIn profile says about you (and your business) and 10 ways to make it better

Probably, you are aware that LinkedIn is a social media platform of choice for working professionals looking for connections – unless, you are unlike digitally-minded people.

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Nowadays, many tech-savvy professionals and perhaps the majority of the business workforce are already on LinkedIn. They have profiles and are connected to the social network a majority of the time through their computers, laptops and mobile phones.

Since there is every indication that more and more business will be moving to social media, taking advantage of the free exposure provided by a network like LinkedIn simply makes sense. LinkedIn has many features that businesses and social media marketers can take advantage of. You can establish your expertise through the LinkedIn content platform, interact with your community via brand pages and groups, and reach out to others via LinkedIn messaging.

Furthermore, LinkedIn offers opportunities to the network every day. You can expand your business connections through LinkedIn far more than by using Facebook or Twitter which are mainly centred on social networking and connections whereas LinkedIn as more focused on professional and corporate connections.

If you are recruiter, you can get many advantages from LinkedIn. You can look at profiles and look for people who have the perfect skill sets for the position you are looking for. Almost every professional nowadays are already on LinkedIn. In fact, if you’re not on LinkedIn, it may lead them to speculate why. For example, are you not Internet savvy? If you’re looking for a job, it’s expected you’ll be on LinkedIn.

Another cool feature of LinkedIn is that it enables your peers to endorse your skills and write up recommendations, and you can do the same for them. People who are searching for networking connections or job candidates will take these recommendations into consideration.

Despite these advantages, you still need to know how to create your LinkedIn profile so that it will be appealing to others. Here are some tips:

Market Research

If you want to start and run a successful business, you need to know all about your potential and existing customers, as well as the marketplace you want to operate in. This is why it is important for every new and existing business to conduct market research.

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Market Research

Market research helps you understand your market and the needs of your customers. It is a critical component when you’re launching a product, trying to improve your existing service or when you’re just looking to be a step ahead of your competitors. It will provide you with all the information you need to make a better business decision.

The customers are the ones who will buy your products and services. With good market research, you will be able to map out the full profile of your ideal customer. And by being able to know them, you can determine the market size and what triggers them to buy. You’ll gain valuable insights like their age, location, gender & income, which will help you in creating effectively tailored marketing and pricing campaigns.

Another benefit of having market research is that you can have knowledge about your competitors and their strategies used in approaching the market. Keep in mind that they are the ones taking away your customers from you. That is why you need to determine who the top performers in the marketplace are and know their strengths and weaknesses – they can help you which strengths to replicate and which gaps you can utilise to gain more customers.

Market research can have a great contribution to your business’ growth. It helps you comprehend the demands of your customers, detect more business opportunities, plan the perfect marketing campaign, minimise losses, and keep track of the competition. You can also classify your objectives while following the current trends and take advantage of reaching out to your target audience.


Ganging up on workplace bullying

If one of your employees feels that he or she is being bullied at work, he needs your support. Workplace bullying can be in a form of physical, verbal, psychological or social abuse by the employer, manager or another person or group of individuals at work.

Workplace bullying

No matter what type of workplace or business you are in, workplace bullying can occur. From offices to shops, cafes, restaurants, workshops, community groups and government organisations, anyone can be a victim of workplace bullying. It can also happen to volunteers, work experience students, interns, apprentices, casual and permanent employees.

Workplace bullying is a problem that can cost workers their jobs, and it can cost companies through employee stress, productivity loss and lawsuits, to name a few

As the leader, manager, or owner, there are definite steps you can take to proactively address bullying. However, if a workplace issue involves a problem of illegal activity, violence and threats, sexual harassment, worker/customer safety, or other issues with legal ramifications, this is not something to try and handle on your own. It is better to ask for some help from your legal department.

First of all, you need to know what bullying is. You also need to know the forms of workplace bullying so that you’ll know how to take necessary actions to combat such a problem.  In most cases, bullies will find ways to make their victim’s job harder than it has to be and finding ways to prevent their victims from succeeding. These bullies push their victims out of important projects or calls so they can take credit for your work or ideas.

Whenever you notice bullying in your workplace, you need to address the issue as soon as it happens. You need to be vocal and have a script developed on how to communicate with the bullies.

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The secret to keeping all of your customers (Hint: Get back to the experience)

As a business entity, you would like to increase your earning power. There are a number of ways to do this and all of them start with giving your customers the satisfaction they deserve and keeping them happy. Customers are the reason for your business’ continued existence so you should do everything to keep them.

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Keep your customers

Customers look for the value of their money. Hence, they expect from you excellent product or service that match exactly to what the advertising specifies, accompanied by a guarantee for reassurance. If you deliver products like this you will gain their trust and repeat purchase will follow along with recommendations.

Whatever niche your business is in, once your customers are interested in your product or service, they often want to buy more from you. However, they will first want to learn about you and the product you are offering. Respond to their inquiries promptly because they don’t want to wait. If you still can’t find the time to respond promptly, then consider delegating this task to an employee or outsourcing to an assistant.

You also need to be thankful to your customers and let them know about that. Saying ‘thank you’ is the simplest possible way to keep your customers happy. A customer that feels appreciated is much more likely to bring you to repeat business and/or refer you to a friend.

People, most especially customers would like to buy products and services from companies that are more personal. They prefer doing business with someone who treats them as friends or family rather than ordinary customers. To do this, you can start by calling your customers by their names and ask them how their day is going. Even if your business is conducted over the internet, there are ways to personalise emails to let your customers know that you care about them.

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